Pets are able to stay in
their own homes in a
secure environment,
where all the sights,
smells and sounds are
familiar with customary
diet, routine exercise
and medical treatments
if necessary.
Lots of love and personal attention to your
pets and ease of mind for yourself, knowing
your pets are in capable hands.
People without pets or those that take their pets with them, can utilize
our House check visits which will keep your house safe and watched
while you are away.  Bringing in mail, papers, watering, checking doors
and windows and pipe leaks.
You can utilize special services (watering
plants, bringing in mail, turning on lights -
burglary deterrent), medicines administered (all
included in price)
They will be exercised and
have some fun, while you
are having your fun.
Do you work too far away from home
to let your pup out or walk him ?  
Daily walks are available at a
lowered price.  See rate page for
options.  Also included on regular
on.   Rub
my tommy
Your pet won't be confined to a tiny
cage while you are away, exposing
them to other animal's illnesses, or
psychological depression, or ruining
their house training.
You won't be inconvenienced or upset by
transporting and picking up pets from boarding
facilities, because you know they will be at home
waiting for you.